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Where Children Learn and Grow
Since 2004.
Murray Hill
128 East 36TH Street
New York, N.Y. 10016


Sure, we call it "Mommy and Me" but that's just because we're fans of alliteration!  The fact is, every child is different... every family is different... every situation is different... every expectation is different.  That is why The Wee Ones Club has gone to great lenths to develop Mommy and Me programs to best suite the needs and wants of our attendees.  Since 2004 we have been fine-tuning our "Turtles/Tadpoles," "Frogs," and "Preschool Practice" curriculums. 

Each includes time-tested activities which encourage fun, enrichment, socialization and growth.  The three part curriculum can either be taken independently, or, each level has been designed to build upon the one before for those who make an early commitment into the development of their child.


Tadpoles - 50 minute classes: Mondays & Fridays – 1:00pm - 1:50pm (12-week semesters). Select your primary session (Monday or Friday) and then feel free to "pop in" on the other day as your needs or schedule permit.

Suggested Age Range*: 3 - 14 months

This class is designed for our youngest learners who are not yet cruising. This class engages children though gentle music, sign language, age-appropriate physical challenges, parachute, bubbles and gentle massage. New babies meet new classmates and enjoy the first social interactions with peers. Parents, grandparents and nannies also benefit from meeting other adults with babies in the neighborhood to build friendships and exchange ideas about raising a new baby in Murray Hill, New York.

Turtles - 70 minute classes: Tuesdays & Thursdays – 1:00pm – 2:10pm (12-week semesters). Select your primary session (Tuesday or Thursdays) and then feel free to "pop in" on the other day as your needs or schedule permit.

Suggested Age Range*: 10 - 16 months



This class is designed for children who are not yet stable on their feet and running but love to move. Children are learning to cruise or are toddling about on their feet. Classes support language, social emotional, musical, physical and cognitive development. Curriculum gives these fast-growing learners a chance to diversify their music time with new instruments to explore, an age appropriate gym challenge tailored to meet the children where they are physically as well as introduction to story time set to song. Our skilled staff adjusts each class to keep the children challenged as they grow while keeping the structure and routines that our young students love!


FrogsTwo 80 minute sessions/wk for the price of one: Tuesday & Thursday, 11:30am - 12:50pm (12-week-semesters).  Select your primary session (Tuesday or Thursday) and then feel free to "pop in" on the other as your needs or schedule permit.

Suggested Age Range*: 13 - 23 months



New walkers and runners are ready to join Frogs which is designed to increase attention spans, expose children to additional skills and concepts such as story time, fine motor skills, snack and group activities. We continue to build upon skills introduced in Turtles including language, social emotional, physical and cognitive development as we add concepts of literacy, fine motor and higher play skills. Curriculum includes social play, muscle and brain builders, tumbling and jumping, music and instruments, dancing, story time, snack and parachute & bubbles. The Frogs curriculum is both fun and challenging for these active and curious Wee Ones. Schedule and structure helps children feel like big students who know what’s next while new challenges keep them engaged. Sections of class are designed to start shorter and lighter in content and extend and grow with the children’s abilities. Skilled teachers gauge each child’s growth and development and offer increasingly challenging content and materials for these rapidly developing toddlers as needed.



Preschool Practice - 2x/wk on Monday: 11:00am - 12:50pm and Wednesday from 11:30am - 1:20pm. See Pricing

Suggested Age Range*: 20 - 30 months


Wee Ones understands that separation is an important process for both children and adults. Preschool Practice is designed to allow adults to be a part of the process by being in the classroom as well as working towards separation. Philosophy, rational and goals are shared with adults so that we may work together to meet each child where they are. 
Our custom curriculum includes; social play, circle time, music, instruments, dancing, movement, story & reading time, a lunch period, open-ended art, experience obstacle course, brain & muscle building, colors, shapes, numbers & letters, parachute & bubbles. Our NYS Certified Teachers continue to support emerging language skills, social/emotional, fine and gross motor skills and cognitive development. We now see personalities and learning styles becoming well formed and strive to diversify the ways in which we offer curriculum and activities to suite the individual child.  Our unique child-initiated-separation program lets adults and children stay together until the child is ready to try parts of the class independently. Eventually, students feel confidant enough to be completely separated. The transition into The Wee Ones Club Drop Off programs in September is stress-free for students and parents. Experienced teachers and controlled class size make this fun time in children’s development safe and productive for all.


* All age ranges listed below are suggested ages.  We understand that each child is unique and may be better suited to one of our other programs regardless of the recommended ages.  Let's work together to determine which Wee Ones program is best for your child!