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For more than 10 years we’ve been committed to the most exceptional, personal and enriching environment at the Murray Hill Wee Ones Club.  Along the way, a few of our past and current families took the time to affirm that our commitment is, in fact, a reality…

green-arrow-small“Wee Ones was a wonderful nurturing and education experience for both our daughters. The co-emphasis on both social learning and basic scholastics sets Kara’s program apart from many similar programs. Wee One’s warmth, intimacy and sense of community gave our girls the confidence and freedom to explore and flourish as they built their own personal foundations.

The program’s play-based scholastics ensured that they were doing above grade level work as the moved to their next school. You should not overlook this neighborhood gem. It is a best-of-all world experience outside the normal pre-k mold.”

green-arrow-small“Kara and her team of dedicated educators offer exemplary experiences for young children and they have left long-lasting, positive effects on my children in particular. I have no hesitation in recommending Wee Ones to any parent who truly wants the best for their child. The small class sizes, the personalized attention, the nurturing environment, the variety of activities, the strong sense of community, and the high standard of education are without question.”

green-arrow-small“At Wee Ones she was encouraged to expand upon her love of reading, social interaction, music, art and foreign languages. The teachers were incredibly attentive, passionate and caring.”

green-arrow-small“The class was very impressive.  I cant tell you enough how fantastic Sara and Rachel are. If I had to write a list of the perfect teachers and perfect class it would be this–simply magical.  You should have a waiting list of hundreds for this class!! I mean it.”

green-arrow-small“She learned about everything from the election process (actually visiting a polling booth on Election Day) to chess. She actively participated in programs and came home each afternoon boasting of her achievements – including baking cakes, learning a new yoga position or spelling her name correctly. She also formed lasting personal relationships with other children in her close knit group, and by doing so, my husband and I also developed good friendships with their parents.”

green-arrow-small“When [she] started kindergarten, she was quite advanced for her age and had a great grasp of the educational system, and in particular was able to quickly adapt to a new school and an entirely new environment.”

green-arrow-small“We have been a Wee Ones Club family for five years now.  Our son, who started at Wee Ones when he was a baby, is doing GREAT in first grade, and it’s in no small part due to the start he got with Wee Ones.  ALL of the teachers at the school are wonderful, each bringing their own talents and experiences with them to the classroom, as well as to playtime.”

green-arrow-small“They are excited about learning from day one, because at Wee Ones they learn through playing until they are old enough to sit still, and are then challenged by the work in a supportive environment.”

green-arrow-small“I feel so lucky having begun our children’s educational careers at Wee Ones and am always happy to spread the word to my friends and neighbors about this school!  Both our children have truly been enriched by the time they spent at Wee Ones Club and School, both intellectually and emotionally.  Kara and her teachers are truly the best.”

green-arrow-small“The children are so warmly accepted by Kara and all of her teachers for their individual styles, strengths and idiosyncratic learning processes.”