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About The Wee Ones Club

Kara Turrisi Greenwood, Founding Director of the Murray Hill Wee Ones Club, shares how she got interested in progressive education for young children and what makes the Wee Ones Club so special – for so many – since 2004.

5 Months to 5 Years

The Murray Hill Wee Ones Club is a unique place for children to experience and enjoy developmentally appropriate programs to aid in their preparation for preschool! Carefully developed curriculum allows children to express themselves in a supportive and caring environment and encourage growth and learning through play.


The Wee Ones Club strives to generate educative experiences for our students that both increase confidence and independence while nurturing and supporting our young citizens.  Our goal is to create an environment where each child enters with the knowledge that they are respected and valued by their peers and teachers.  The tender age that our students begin preschool is honored by our staff.  Our classrooms aspire to be free of judgment and dedicated to providing every individual with the materials and guidance that make their first educational discoveries meaningful and lasting.


The Wee Ones Club is a play-based program, licensed by the DOHMH, with the support of our NYS Certified teaching staff, enables us to prepare goals for our preschoolers based on their year spent in Preschool Practice.  Students enter into the classroom after our teachers are fully informed of the students’ strengths and challenges.  Our teachers’ experience and skills combined with the thoughts and interests of the group ensure that our curriculum goals are implemented in a way that generates excitement from the children.  We fully believe that personal achievement in our children must be grounded by the awareness that we are not alone in the world. Personal growth and continuity of enriching experiences, joined with the knowledge of how to successfully interact with the members of our community, are of equal importance to Wee Ones.

The Wee Ones Club is a center dedicated to both Mommy and Me classes as well as drop-off programs, which allows children to transition into our full-day Pre-Kindergarten program in a natural and gradual way. We serve families with children from five months to five years old. Kara Turrisi Greenwood who continues her role as director today founded Wee Ones Club in 2004.