The Wee Ones Difference

All programs are not created equal.  Since 2004, The Murray Hill Wee Ones Club has been providing a valuable and meaningful educational foundation for children during their formative years.  Qualified teachers, proven Mommy & Me and Drop-Off curriculums, class sizes which permit personal attention and our newly renovated facility provide for a unique and enriching Wee Ones experience in the heart of New York City.

Meet Our Team

Founding Director, Kara Turrisi Greenwood, holds a Masters in Education and leads the exceptional team of teachers and support staff at the Murray Hill Wee Ones Club.  Whether music, theater, or yoga, we are proud to have created an environment which allows each of our teachers and assistants to share their specific talents and passions with the children.


The Murray Hill Community

For nearly 20 years, the Wee Ones Club has been a proud resident of the Murray Hill community.  Rich in history and culture, Murray Hill represents the best that NYC has to offer.  From quaint brownstones (like ours) to neighborhood professionals, coffee shops, boutique stores and more.  And, just a few blocks away are some of the city’s most popular hotels, restaurants and businesses.  We invite you to learn more.

Welcome to Wee Ones Club, Murray Hill

Educating. Engaging. Enriching. Expressing. Enlightening.

Since 2004, the Murray Hill Wee Ones Club has been a unique place for children to come with their parents, family members and nannies to enjoy developmentally appropriate activities and classes to aid in their preparation for preschool! Carefully developed programs allow the children to express themselves in a supportive and caring environment and encourage growth and learning through play.

We focus on the education and development of infants, toddlers and preschool-age children that will eventually make the transition into kindergarten.

The Murray Hill Wee Ones Club is conveniently located on East 36th Street between Park and Lexington Avenues, easily accessible from the East or West Side with a stroller!

The core curriculum includes: singing and instruments, gym equipment and movement, games and activities to develop children physically, cognitively and socially.  And, we are strong proponents of age appropriate books to encourage an excitement and love of reading! We believe that, along with a New York State Certified Teacher, your child can have fun learning and increasing both confidence and independence while being nurtured and supported in a caring environment. We strive to generate positive and meaningful educative experiences for our young citizens by respecting various learning styles and nurturing the curiosity and interests of the child.

Through both our Mommy and Me and our Drop-Off options, The Wee Ones Club believes that personal achievement in our children must be grounded by the awareness that we are not alone in the world. Personal growth and continuity of enriching experiences, joined with the knowledge of how to successfully interact and collaborate with the members of the home, classroom, school and community are essential to the overall social and academic success of the child.