Preschool – The Experience is the Difference

As part of our core mission, The Wee Ones Club Preschool Program works with two, three and four year old students to build readiness for kindergarten and the world beyond, using an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes social/emotional learning in addition to academic achievement.

Readiness starts small—seemingly simple concepts such as separation from caregivers, self-help skills, and basic health and nutrition are important stepping stones in your child’s journey to a successful, independent educational experience. Readiness also involves the social/emotional development that allows children to engage with their communities and the world around them. Confidence-building must take place for children to interact and communicate appropriately with adults and peers, and emergent language, pre-literacy skills, and gross motor function are heavily emphasized elements of our curriculum that help to do just that.

We encourage all of our Preschool students to ask questions, take initiative, and exercise their problem-solving muscles. Teachers work with students in both large and small groups, helping them to engage in activities for which they have a natural affinity while affirming the importance of trying new and unfamiliar things. Children acquire knowledge through play-based, hands-on experiences, and our interdisciplinary curriculum prepares our students for a lifetime of exploration and engagement with the world around them.

We strive to create an environment that is safe, offers age-appropriate and interesting learning tools and materials, and provides enriching and educative experiences for all kinds of learners. We work hard to accommodate learning differences within our student body, and adjust our physical spaces, lesson structures, and teaching materials to accommodate and appeal to the children we serve. Verbal instruction, visual aides, an emphatically print-rich environment, physical games and movement, and free play and expression all have their place in our school. We reach out to families and encourage learning to continue at home with games, simple family projects and strong lines of communication kept open between home and school.

It is deeply important to all of us at Wee Ones Club that we maintain classroom environments free of judgment, that foster a love of school and learning as they advance development across the board.